On Thursday, Far-Left MSNBC host Joy Reid made the absurd claim that the word “inflation” was taught to Americans by Republicans, and prior to this midterm cycle was not used by Americans in their daily vocabulary.

Reid made a guest appearance on “Deadline: White House” where the host, Nicolle Wallace, said, “You know, what’s notable to me is that Republicans say they’re running on inflation and crime. Republicans have not presented any solutions to their voters on either of those topics.”

Wallace then asked Reid how crime and inflation have been influencing Florida’s midterm races. Reid responded, saying that she has “never heard a person who isn’t an economist or works on CNBC” use the term inflation. She continued, saying,

“The only people I ever hear use the word ‘inflation’ are journalists and economists. So, that is not part of the normal lexicon of the way people talk. So, it’s interesting that Republicans are doing something they don’t normally do, which is not use the common tongue, not use just common English like they sort of do on their campaigns like they’re doing with crime.”

Reid didn’t stop there, asserting that Republicans have “taught” the word ‘inflation’ to Americans. She said,


“What they’ve done is they’ve taught people the word inflation. Most people who would have never used that word ever in their lives are using that word now because they’ve been taught it… They sort of wrap this word around whatever it is that they really wanna vote.”

However, inflation is one of the biggest issues for voters heading into the midterm elections, and Republican candidates have just chosen to focus their attention and energy on issues that are the most important to the American economy.

Maybe there is a reason people are talking about inflation more… Perhaps because inflation is riding a 40-year-high at 8.2% and many Americans are struggling to adjust to the cost of living. Reid has decided to try and convince people that ‘inflation’ is some made-up term that Americans shouldn’t worry themselves with – because it is too complex for average people to comprehend.

Apparently, Reid was never taught this term in school. Just because she didn’t use the word ‘inflation’ (or perhaps knew what it meant) until recently doesn’t mean that no one else did. Her comments are ignorant and insulting to the intelligence of the American people.

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