The liberal media is in a full-blown panic over the prospect of losing any chance they had of defeating President Trump in 2020. The U.S. economy, as stated by the Drudge Report yesterday, is the “envy of the world.” Unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics, and women is at an all-time low, and Americans are seeing more money in their pockets as a result of the Trump tax cuts. But what’s really got the media down, is U.S. Attorney General Barr’s “no collusion” and “no obstruction of justice” conclusions on the Mueller report, that was predicated by a spying operation on President Trump and his 2016 campaign.

Yesterday, a very angry Democrat U.S. Representative, Jamie Raskin (MD), took part in a four-person panel with MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian. Rep Raskin joined the chorus of Democrats who are desperately trying to discredit AG Barr, who promised there would be an investigation by the DOJ into how the investigation was initiated on President Trump and his campaign, while he was still a private citizen.  Raskin told the MSNBC host that “What we have is an administration that is now engulfed in lawlessness and corruption,” saying that Democrats in Congress needs to “check them.” Raskin stated that the Attorney General should be on “our side,” claiming, “He’s obviously gone over to the side of the President and is cooperating in promoting the President’s position, now, which is that he will not cooperate with any subpoenas, he will not respond to any lawful order or requests from the House of Representatives.”

Raskin was referring to AG Barr’s decision to decline his invitation to testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee about the Meuller report, after the committee, under the direction of  Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) decided to allow staff members to question AG Barr during the Congressional hearings. Barr responded to their decision by saying that if staff members wanted to question him in a congressional hearing, they should run for a seat in Congress.

A frustrated Rep Raskin boldly, and without any evidence, claimed Barr’s behavior is “constitutionally intolerable,” saying “Congress can’t put up with it.” Raskin explained, “We have to make clear to the public and to the whole system of government that the attorney general is acting outside of the law.”

The MSNBC host overplayed her hand when she asked the Democrat congressman how the media could work with the Democrats to destroy the credibility of our U.S. Attorney General. Three times, Yasmin Vossoughian used the word “we” to when she openly strategized with her Democrat lawmaker guest, saying:

“You’re bringing up a really good point here. Because one of the, I think, directives here, and the big question here is—do we pursue the Attorney General until he provides testimony for the House? Or, do we pursue the unredacted Mueller report along with testimony from Bob Mueller? Is that where we put our energy?”



What do you think about this exchange? Should the Trump campaign, and frankly any Republican running for office in 2020, use tape of the remarks made by the MSNBC host, who openly strategized with her Democrat lawmaker about ways to discredit our U.S. attorney general?

Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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