MSNBC hosts Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi really editorialized and embarrassed themselves today when they said they were stunned to find out that all 6 candidates for Chief of Staff are white men. The horror! Ruhle was especially upset that the group wasn’t more diverse just like in corporate America. Then Velshi said that Trump should have put some diverse picks in the bunch even though he wasn’t planning on picking them. Huh? Well, we have some earth-shattering news for these two:

The White House chief of staff role was filled by four white men that Obama picked throughout his presidency. In fact, every chief of staff in White House history has been a white male.

Ruhle started the editorializing after the report revealed there are “six white guys” on Trump’s list:

“You and I talk about business all the time. That’s a major position, and the six people that they have put out that are short-listed, are all white guys. I cannot think of one single public company right now, that if they had an open senior position like that or a board seat, you would never in 2018, say that the short list is one, two, three, four, five, six white guys.”

Velshi then made the dumbest comment of all:

“Right, even if you’re not going to pick somebody else, you usually put them on the list just for…”

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Wouldn’t you love to ask Velshi what you “usually put them on the list for”?

Ruhle shot back to Velshi:

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“Isn’t that stunning? These are our six. If you saw a public company put out that list right now, they would get clobbered.”

Those two should do their homework before blabbing away because they’re wrong.

This is the danger of editorializing because who knows how many people saw the piece and now believe Trump is the only president to choose only “white guys” for chief of staff.

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