This MSNBC panel nails why former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is unelectable. They mention two things from Bloomberg’s past policies that spell trouble for the billionaire politician.

Bloomberg is remembered for wanting gun control in a big way. That’s a loser in a general election.

Also, Bloomberg will always be remembered for his soda tax. He was Mayor of New York City when he proposed a soda tax for Big Gulp sodas. This was a big government move that was meant to control the consumption of soda. That might have played in New York City but Americans typically reject Nanny State proposals.

Bloomberg is also on video praising Communist China:

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Michael Bloomberg is testing the waters for a run at being a candidate for the Democratic nomination in 2020. Is he a serious candidate or just a place-holder for someone else who will come in at the last minute?

The candidates out there right now are losers who would be unelectable in a general election, so Democrats are desperately looking for someone else to jump in. Is Bloomberg the one, or is there another candidate out there waiting in the wings?

Bloomberg has too much baggage and is a strong anti-gun advocate. He’s pro-Communist China too:

Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg defended the Communist Party of China in September

China has millions in concentration camps…Steals US tech…Spys on the US…Clamping down on freedom

Firing Line host Margaret Hoover ripped him for it:

Comrade Bloomberg:

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