It’s hard to believe that MSNBC reporter Mike Viqueira doesn’t know that ambushing someone after Easter services is the ultimate in disrespect. It appears as though he’s clueless that he’s harassing Robert Mueller as he’s leaving a church because he says, “We tried to be as respectful as possible.” How about not showing up. That would be respectful.

The media just can’t help themselves. They have a really bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Even though Mueller is finished with his report and said no collusion or obstruction, the media just keeps beating a dead horse to see if they will get a different answer.

Listen to this reporter badger Mueller with question after question. It’s embarrassing for MSNBC that they have a reporter doing what this guy is doing. It’s the definition of unprofessional.

MSNBC just sent a “journalist” out to stake out and harass Robert Mueller when he was leaving church on Easter Sunday.

“We tried to be as respectful as possible” is an actual thing Mike Viqueira said after airing the clip…

At this point, MSNBC is running a close race to the bottom with CNN.

The questions this reporter asked were over the top. For example, he asked Mueller if he went easy on President Trump because he’s the president.

It’s interesting that the left supported Robert Mueller until the Mueller Report was released. They can’t handle the truth.

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