This is great!

MSNBC’s Ali Vitali spoke with a voter in Manchester, New Hampshire, who told her that Democrats need to “move on and just drop it” now that the Mueller Report has been released.

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Notice how Vitali tries to raise some doubt during the interview with the guy, but he’s not budging on how he feels.

He agrees with 54% of the country that we should move on.

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Democrats should listen to this man and knock off the Trump bashing but they won’t. How can they win against a president who has our economy on steroids and who is doing just about everything right?

The only thing they have is anything they can get on President Trump that would tarnish his reputation. The only thing the Democrats care about is getting Trump. They have no plan to fix immigration and show no signs of wanting to close our border. They want Medicare for all but the cost is outrageous.

They’re running on the “Get Trump” platform.

Keep it up Democrats!

This will make Trump2020 that much easier.

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