Joy Reid, MSNBC’s homophobic host, took to Twitter last night to rally black voters in Georgia after Democrat Stacey Abrams won the primary race for Governor. Joy never mentioned that two-thirds of Abrams’ campaign contributions came from out-of-state. Joy never mentioned that in a red state like Georgia, that it will be very difficult for a Democrat who embraces her liberalism to win a general election. What Joy does mention, however, is that because Stacey Abrams is black, she should be able to count on every black voter in Georgia to support her in the general election, regardless of her politics.

Watch Abrams explain to MSNBC host how she’s not worried about being a liberal in the red state of Georgia. She’s part of the “resistance” against President Trump, and that’s all she needs.

In her first tweet, Joy used the Senate race in Alabama as an example of a race won by a Democrat in a red state. What Joy doesn’t mention is that the Senate race she’s referring to was one of the ugliest races in American history, where three women came forward at the 11th hour to accuse Republican candidate Roy Moore of making sexual advances towards them several decades ago. The details aren’t important to Joy, what is important, is that Democrat Doug Jones won the race.

Joy claims that it’s really quite simple, if every black person and only a third of the white Georgians go to the polls and vote for Stacey Abrams, she’ll win. Will Reid’s assumption about black voters blindly voting for a candidate solely because they have the same skin color offend black voters who don’t agree with Abrams stand on abortion or higher taxes to support more unnecessary social programs?

Joy sums her tweet by saying “It’s all a numbers/registration/turnout game.”

So that’s it? It all comes down to color?  Why does Abrams even need to bother with a platform? According to Joy Reid, it’s all about the color of her skin.

So much for respecting every voter for having the ability to choose a candidate based on their individual beliefs.

Reid got a variety of responses to her tweet. Many of them were from white voters, starting with identifying themselves as “white” and then letting Reid know that they were going to be getting behind the black candidate.

“Christa spillane” tells Joys followers to “get registered” and “get your ID” so Georgia voters can vote.  Seems like common sense, but okay. I guess some people need to be told what to do, what to think…you get the picture.

“Angelina” immediately claims “voter suppression” since she’s “homeless” and doesn’t have an address. “Angelina” however, does have a Twitter account and access to a computer or smartphone.

“Morgan” reminds Joy that in her zeal to claim every black vote, she’s overlooked two other minority groups that just might swing the vote for Abrams.  “Morgan” refers to the Asian + Latino voters as a “coalition”. A coalition of what exactly? Democrat voters, because they’re Asian and Hispanic?

“Georgette” proudly proclaims “She’s got my white vote!!”

“Keri” has a simple solution: “Lock down WHITE WOMEN…and reasonable men..”

“Eric Foster” goes even deeper into the ethnic and racial categories, suggesting that every Latino, Asian, Arabic, Jewish and Mulit-Racial Georgian will also vote for Abrams, because, well, just because.

Finally, “THE Andy Griffin Show Vol. 2!” is the voice of reason: “Yes @JoyAnnReid that is exactly a reason to vote for someone! The color of their skin or their gender is the only thing that matters. We should all vote for people just because of their ethnicity and sex! OR-We could vote for people because of what they stand for and believe.

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