After all of the gaffes this past week, is it any wonder that Biden is losing ground to Warren and Sanders?

Not that Warren or Sanders are any better, but the unforced errors from Biden are piling up causing a drop in his lead in the polls.

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki analyzed a sharp drop in support registered for Joe Biden in a new Monmouth poll.

He notes in the video below that Biden is “in particular trouble” with “the floor pretty much falling out” on support with Democratic voters under 50 years old.

Just a few of the gaffes that caused the drop are below:

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Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed during a speech in New Hampshire that he isn’t going nuts because he can’t remember where he spoke at Dartmouth. This is after he mistook New Hampshire for Vermont (see below). He keeps digging a bigger and bigger hole with gaffes after gaffe.


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“We are so close, so close to being able to do some incredible things for this country.”

“Incredible things.”

“I just spoke at Dartmouth on health care at the medical school or not…I guess I wasn’t actually on the campus, but the people from the medical school. I want to be clear. I’m not going nuts, and I’m not sure whether it was a medical school or where the hell I spoke, but it was on the campus.”


In Keene, N.H., former Vice President Joe Biden told a press gaggle that he loves being in Vermont when asked about his time in Keene:

“What’s not to love about Vermont.”

This is one of many gaffes Biden has had just this week:

It doesn’t get much worse than this latest gaffe from Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden.

He was trying to thank a friend during a speech in Iowa and mangled the words into a classic gaffe.

Listen to ‘Gaffemaster Joe’ on a loop:

Joe Biden thanks his “longfriend timefriend and she’s a friend who’s been a friend in and out of public life.”

There’s more…

Joe Biden’s Melting Brain – The Ultimate Compilation

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