There seems to be a very small list of patriots in the Congress…

A list that continues to grow smaller and smaller by the day.

I once would have thought MTG was on that list, but she continues to confuse.

Once seemingly one of Matt Gaetz closest allies, Greene took to X this morning to give her “hot take” on what should happen with Kevin McCarthy.

Read it right here:

I introduced articles of impeachment on Joe Biden on his first day in office.

On Oversight, we are finally conducting an impeachment inquiry bc Kevin McCarthy launched it, and our country deserves the truth about Joe Biden.

If the Speaker is vacated, the House comes to a halt, no bills can be passed, nothing can be done until we elect another Speaker.

No one in our conference has stepped up to be Speaker other than Kevin McCarthy.

Ukraine is the most corrupt country in the world and the leaked memo from the WH proves Washington knows it, and last week for the first time the majority of the majority voted against funding for Ukraine.

Our border is wide open and millions of illegal immigrants are pouring in destroying our country.

And dysfunction will not solve any of these problems, we can only truly change things when Trump is back in the WH.

We have to save our country and sinking the ship before we reach our destination will imperil us all.

Ok, so typical politician….she rambles on and on and uses a lot of words, but what did she actually say?

It’s very “obtuse” and convoluted, but it sure seems to me like she’s dancing around the issue and doesn’t want to come right out and say she supports McCarthy, but this Tweet basically says she’s supporting McCarthy and doesn’t want him removed.


How disappointing!

Is MTG a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Or has she been compromised….is she being threatened or bribed and she isn’t strong enough to stand up against it?

Or is she just not very smart?

It’s one of those things, I’m just not sure which one.

What do you think?

So sad that Matt Gaetz is one of the FEW strong enough to stand.

But he can’t do it on his own.

Before you go, can you help me make this a landslide? 👇

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Support REMOVING McCarthy As Speaker?


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