Former Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill asked Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren about her flailing campaign, after she came in fourth place in New Hampshire, a state where she should have placed significantly higher. McCaskill asked Warren is she is optimistic about going into Super Tuesday there will be “some kind of coalescing, so there won’t be a protracted bittle battle that will go all the way to the convention?” Warren responded by talking about a selfie-line that she did last night after being pummeled by New Hampshire voters.

Senator Warren used the example of a young women who told her she donated $3 to her campaign, with only $6 in her bank account, as how committed her supporters are to her campaign. Let’s pray this young college student isn’t a gambler, because betting 50% of your savings on Pocahontas is probably not the smartest thing she’ll ever do in her lifetime.

It probably never even registered to the phony Democrat presidential candidate worth an estimated $12 million, how foolish she sounded bragging about the sacrifice this young woman made, while she flies around on a private jet.

The interview with CNN wasn’t the only embarrassing moment for the fake Native American. Two days ago, while campaigning in New Hampshire, Democrat Senator Warren was caught on camera, as she attempted to engage in conversation with a large table of patrons at a local diner. As she approached the table, Warren told the large group, ” I just wanna say ‘hello.’ It’s nice to see you!” A woman at the other end of the table shot back, “I’m from Massachusetts and I know all about you,” as the people seated at the table turned their heads away from Democrat candidate.  “Oh, good, good, I’m glad. Then you can tell everyone,” the Massachusetts Senator responded.  “It’s good to see you all,” Warren told the guests, as she waves at the cameras behind them.

Warren, sensing the group was not very interested in engaging with her, attempted to step away before things got ugly.

As she moved to the next table, it appeared as though they too, were not interested in engaging with her, as she quickly moved on to the next table, all the while, waving to no one in particular.

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