Yesterday on “The View”, host Whoopie Goldberg was expressing her frustration with increased voting restrictions, when she suggested Black people’s rights in America have not progressed since the time of slavery.

“I still feel like, suddenly, Black people still are where we were under the Emancipation Proclamation,” Goldberg asserted.

The Black multimillionaire celebrity claimed that Black Americans are still treated as they were in the time of slavery and intense racial segregation. Try to make sense of that reasoning.

Senator Schumer, a vocal critic of the new voting laws throughout the country, was being interviewed by Goldberg when she made this statement. Unsurprisingly, Schumer agrees with Goldberg’s bizarre claim and even goes on to compare the new voting restrictions to Jim Crow laws, which legalized racial segregation in the United States.

How are these two things the same?


These laws are meant to increase the integrity of U.S. elections and ensure they remain free and fair. Voting is something that should be held to a higher standard than in previous election years, and limits such as requiring voter ID  should be considered a positive change that affects the entire population, not just a single race, age group, or socioeconomic class. Yes, it could cause additional steps to be required of voters, and maybe some people view these as an inconvenience, but it by no means takes away the right to vote from any American citizens.

The GOP is not against voting rights, but rather in support of the U.S. government making sure that each legal vote is counted and is not overshadowed by illegal voter fraud.

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