Take notes, America: Sweden is toast…after the mass migration of Muslims, they’ve become the #1 rape capital of the world. Everything about the Swedish culture has been turned into Swedistan…We kid you not! Please see the video below!

Immigration to another country brings with it a need to assimilate to some extent…this HAS NOT happened in many European countries who’ve brought in thousands of Muslims. Safe zones are created where only Islam rules. That is not assimilation AT ALL!


A Muslim driving instructor is in court for having abused female students.

A 60-year-old driving instructor with Arab background is charged with sexual assault on several of his female students. The abuse took place in Falköping, Sweden.

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According to the indictment, the 60-year-old grabbed the women on their thighs and breasts. It is also described how the he took a female student’s hand and put it down in his own pants. Then he said, “why don’t you put it in your mouth?” He used the woman’s hand to masturbate, and then pushed her upper body down against his crotch and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Another victim describes how the man, who is originally from Tunisia, said to her: “If it wasn’t Ramadan, I would have f**cked the sh*t out of you.”

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The man is accused of assaulting a total of six women. He claims innocence.


The lefty main stream media and Swedish politicians were in an uproar after President Trump chose to highlight the negative effects of mass migration in Sweden. But ten days later, here are ten incidents that proved him right:


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