Wow! Now they’ll outlaw tampons because the lawsuits will be coming big time!

A Muslim woman is suing Kotex for $1.4 million because she claims a tampon cost the girl her virginity. You couldn’t figure out using a tampon might break a young girl’s hymen? Seriously? Kotex should not have to warn over something so obvious. Toxic shock, yes… deflowering, no. Fatima Ushban, mother of five and recently immigrated from Bangladesh, believes the company has tarnished her young daughter’s body. In the Muslim community this is a catastrophe as a girl must be a virgin when she is married off, or she is basically considered a whore.

From Observatorial:

Twin Falls, ID | An Idaho woman is suing the Kotex company for $1.4 million dollars after she claims one of her daughters lost her virginity while using a tampon.

The family’s attorney claims the product’s packaging did not issue any warning about the possibility of losing one’s own virginity while using the product.

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“Why is there no warning that a women’s hymen can be broken when the tampon is inserted into the vaginal region? This is the question we ask” explained Ben Ali Mufta, the family attorney.

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