This is what happens when you have mass migration of anyone and everyone. Tradition isn’t respected and it becomes cultural suicide:

This weekend has seen three separate attacks on Danish students by young Arab immigrants.

In Denmark there is a tradition that once students graduate from Gymasium, each class ride around in large open vehicles, visiting all of their parents to celebrate.
First reports said it was just boys throwing eggs for fun, but the truth has started to trickle out.
Here is a video of a group barricading the road, driving a car towards the students, and then dousing them in egg, flour and oil:

Copenhagen’s Police Henrik Stormer confirms the episode and says they sent a pratrol car to the students, but did not apprehend any of the perpetrators. “We will not be starting an investigation. […] It is a shame for the students, but we cannot put other peoples lives in danger by sending a partrol car on pursuit through Copenhagen.” says Henrik Stormer to TV2.
Via: Reddit

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