This is real and is happening across America this Saturday. It hit me in a very personal way when my Junior in college called last night and frantically told me about the meeting they’re holding next to her dorm on Saturday night. This is a thinly veiled effort to pretend like this is a “neomasculinity” rally against feminism when in reality it’s Sharia law. If anyone objects to this man’s efforts, he claims “Islamophobia”.  This is the common rallying cry for anyone who doesn’t go along with Sharia.

HERE’S THE SCHEDULE FOR THE MEET UP: Full City Listing And Meeting Points For International Meet Up Day On February 6

Sharia is creeping into areas of America and has been reported on in Texas where there was a Sharia Court overriding American Courts. After a big stink about it, the Sharia Court was supposedly disbanded but I’ll bet the Muslim community is still obeying the Sharia law over our American laws. This is not to say ALL Muslims believe in the rape of women but the most recent evidence in Germany is a testament to just how prevalent the rape culture is in Muslim society.

Please read about the leader of this “Pro-Rape” movement below and note his background. This does not belong in America nor does it belong anywhere on Earth. Do what you can to raise awareness of thinly veiled efforts to nudge Americans towards Sharia law.

On a personal note, I will be bringing my daughter home from college for the weekend.



‘Legal Rape’ Blogger wants To Bring Us “Muslim Family Values”

A blogger who once argued rape should be legal if done on private property has launched an “International Meetup Day” where followers are expected to gather furtively Saturday night in various locations throughout the world.

The website Return of Kings is hosting the event, promising a total of 165 meetings in 43 countries, which will all take place Saturday night. Return of Kings is run by Daryush Valizadeh, better known as Roosh V — a self-described pickup artist who sparked international outrage last year after he authored a blog post supporting “legal rape.” Read more: WT

Pick Up Artists: Veiling Misogyny with Islam

Pick-up artist Roosh V, whose real name is Daryush Valizadeh, is of Iranian descent and says that his father is an observant Shi’a Muslim. This man advocates for legalizing rape in private. Valizadeh insists that sexually violating and brutalizing a woman in privacy is something society should allow because allowing this will actually help stop rape. This is his theory. He calls his philosophy ‘neomasculinity‘. He is an advocate for the rights and power of men and provides reasoning for aggressive sexual behavior.

After Toronto’s Mayor John Tory also expressed his disdain at Valizadeh and a protest was held in front of the Provincial legislature, this man decided to unleash his frustration by declaring that the feminists and that “the Canadian establishment is vehemently Islamophobic” because they are discriminating against him since he was raised in a Muslim family.

In this video, he states that he “grew up with Muslims beliefs”. He asks viewers to draw parallels in his thinking and in Islam. Where his ideas about men being strong and women submitting come from? Islam obviously! He credits his strong and honorable father for instilling in him ideals of masculinity and patriarchy.
“Canadian feminists are dangerously Islamophobic”

Valizadeh pathetically argues that he is “being hunted” because Canadians are Islamophobic.
Valizadeh calls for “Operation Fornication” in order to fight against his opponents. This is a grand scheme to “Identify, Infiltrate and Inseminate” those women speaking against him. He insists that those women who are protesting his talks are white feminists who need to check their non-Muslim privilege. This is not a case where “white saviours” are coming to speak over and decide what is best of all women. They are personally enraged by his comments. And rightfully so. All women have the right to oppose these ideas without being accused of Islamophobia.

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