If you hadn’t noticed, several cases of terrorism in Europe have occurred over the past few days. Germany has been hardest hit with an axe attack and a machete attack by “mentally disturbed” Muslims. It seems that the European press has taken the drastic measure of lying and hiding the true about the identity of these Muslim terrorists. Yes, someone who would commit terror is mentally disturbed but it is very true that they are also mostly… 99.9% Muslims.

Belgium is one of the latest places where a “mentally disturbed” man committed terror:

On Friday, a French man who had converted to Islam drove his vehicle into the window of Warzée funeral services, in Sclayn.
…But what was most surprising, beyond the smashed wall, was what happened directly after the impact. Slightly injured, the man, aged around 30, got out of his car and laid down a … prayer carpet. He then got on it and started to pray, saying that “Islam would vanquish the infidels of Europe,” according to one of the administrators of the funeral home.
According to this same administrator, the man was a radicalized French person since a Koran was found in his car as well as documents related to a trip to Syria in the near future.

Via: Daily Motion

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