“He was not a pilot”…Then what the heck was he doing stealing a plane? This entire case smells to high heaven…

One week after a plane was stolen from a Markham airport and crashed near a mall in Peterborough, it was a media report that named the culprit—not police.

THE REBEL had this to say about the plane crash:

An exclusive Global News report revealed the identity of the hijacker as 20-year old Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary of Markham. The report also cited “multiple sources” as saying the RCMP’s investigation into the event was related to national security matters due to something found in the plane’s wreckage.

After the story was published—for which the RCMP declined to comment—an RCMP spokesperson reached out to Global News to inform them that she “just got information” that there was “no national security aspect”—despite whatever was there in the first place that got the police force concerned.

Chaudhary, according to his father, was diagnosed with schizophrenia two years ago and had previously been charged with robbing a convenience store, but his father couldn’t explain how he could figure out how to fly a plane—especially when the plane’s owner had the only key.

An airport operator said that the pilot would have to know something about aeronautics to take off and fly 100 kilometres, though Chaudhary’s father said that his son didn’t have a “single minute” of flight training.

We don’t know whether terrorism or mental illness was the main catalyst for the entire event, but we do know that police found something that made them think this was anything but some kid going for a joyride. We also know that this undertaking would require a level of skill that no one knew Chaudhary had.

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