Germany is toast! What’s going on there should be a lesson for us all. The Christmas Market is a tradition in Germany but now you have Muslims handing out propaganda in a booth that’s obviously not in keeping with the Christmas festivities. The problem with multiculturalism is that it doesn’t work. Christians have their holiday and it should be respected.

The Mayor of the town has no respect for the wishes of the people who elected him. He defended the Muslims saying:

“I am absolutely amazed there is so much intolerance.”

THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH THE ENTIRE EFFORT TO FLOOD GERMANY WITH MUSLIMS: Isn’t it intolerant to try and convert people to Islam during a Christmas Market set up to celebrate a Christian holiday? This mayor must be in line with Merkel’s belief that it’s ok to flood Germany with Muslims who will NOT assimilate into the German culture… 

The Christmas market in the town of Rüdesheim on the Rhine, Germany, is a popular tourist destination famed for its festive atmosphere, which traditionally features stalls selling mulled wine, frankfurters and gifts.

But members of the Ahmadiyya Islamic community set up an information booth this year which has offended locals who complain that the stand is not in-fitting with the spirit of Christmas.

Local residents confronted the Muslims operating the stall at Rüdesheim town hall and asked them to vacate the market.

One outraged resident said: “This does not belong at a Christmas market!”

Although some members of the Rüdesheim community have complained to police, law enforcement does not have the power to force the operators of the stand to close the booth.

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The stand’s operators attended the the town hall meeting, where they were asked to vacate because of the “danger potential due to the violent public reactions”.

Local people argued that a stand “which is obviously a question of the Koran design” does not belong at a Christmas market.

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But Rüdesheim mayor Volker Mosler – from Angela Merkel’s CDU party – hit out at complainants.

He said: “I am absolutely amazed there is so much intolerance.”

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