Showing their true colors…Muslims rip an Israeli flag and disrupt a solemn moment in which the grieving people of Brussels gathered. The second part of the obvious celebrating on behalf of the Muslims was when a classroom of school kids celebrated the terror attack. Maybe instead of allowing these nut jobs to destroy peace, why don’t we send them to a room where the families of the victims could deal with them?

Hundreds of people gathered on Wednesday at noon to respect a minute of silence on the Place de la Bourse at the heart of the pedestrian district that was spontaneously transformed on Tuesday into a meeting place for the grieving population following the attacks that struck the Belgian capital.
At 12 precisely, the crowd present on the scene respect a minute of silence that was interrupted here and there by the clicking of cameras of the journalists and the incoherent remarks of a man who suddenly started to shout. The minute of silence ended with an anonymous “Vive La Belgique”, immediately taken up by the crowd who applauded for a long time.
… Around 12.30, a group formed in the middle of the square around a veiled woman, obviously disturbed, who shouted remarks in Arabic, particularly referring to Muslims and Morocco.

Around ten “jeunes” sowed disorder after the minute of silence observed at Wednesday noon in Anderlecht in homage to the attacks that struck Brussels on Tuesday. One of them was arrested by the police.
OUTRAGEOUS: Palestinian thugs remove Israeli flag from #BrusselsAttacks memorial in Tel Aviv, replace it with theirs:

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On the video you also see a Muslim woman who places a Palestinian flag at the memorial spot and tears the Israeli flag. A Dutch teacher also reported that Muslim children had celebrated the Brussels attack in school.

MUSLIM children celebrated after hearing about the Brussels terror attacks while in the classroom, a teacher has claimed on Twitter.

Ivar Mol said Muslim children clapped their hands in both the Belgium capital and in the city of Antwerp after learning of the Islamic State (ISIS) attack. He tweeted: “How do you teach when there is applause from the Muslim children in your class?”

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Via: Le Soir

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