Since the SuperBowl is almost guaranteed to showcase a Woke and Satanic Halftime show, I’m getting ahead of this and showing you something amazing.

Something patriotic!

Something inspiring!

Something emotionally moving…and for a bigger cause!

It’s called “If I Make It Out Alive” and it’s by the War Hippies.

Here’s more:

“Make It Out Alive” by War Hippies is a song that speaks directly to the devastating crisis of veteran suicide.

It encourages everyone, especially those who have served or are serving in the military, to seek help and support when needed.

The War Hippies, consisting of Marine veteran and guitarist Scooter Brown and Army veteran and violinist Donnie Reis, use their music to address serious issues affecting veterans and their communities.

The song is part of their efforts to bring attention to the challenges veterans face and to promote a message of hope and resilience​​​​.

Watch here:

Here’s more about the band and the song:

“Make It Out Alive” by War Hippies has been met with significant acclaim and recognition. The song, part of their self-titled debut album, achieved impressive chart success shortly after its release:

  • In the first week, the album reached #8 on the iTunes Country chart and #30 across all genres.
  • “Make It Out Alive” was named among the Top 24 songs of 2022 by American Songwriter Magazine.

The War Hippies, comprising Scooter Brown and Donnie Reis, officially formed in 2022. They have quickly earned a reputation for their genuine songwriting and compelling live performances. Their music has amassed over 2 million streams to date, with both members bringing a combined 25 years of touring experience and over 30 million streams from their individual careers.

Scooter Brown is a Marine veteran and the guitarist of the duo. He has a background in the music industry with the Scooter Brown Band before forming War Hippies. Brown’s experience as a veteran deeply influences the music and themes explored by the band.

Donnie Reis is an Army veteran and the violinist of War Hippies. His journey to the music scene is unique, having never intended to enlist in the Army despite a long family history of service. Reis received a full-ride music scholarship to Miami University, and his skills as a violinist add a distinct element to the duo’s sound.

The song “Make It Out Alive” was released on October 14, 2022, as part of their efforts to address and bring awareness to critical issues such as veteran suicide through their music​​​​.

Incredible, right?

By contrast, here’s what they’ll force-feed Americans today at the SuperBowl:

A History of Superbowl Halftime Show Satanic Rituals

Last night I brought you the details behind the (horrible) Superbowl Halfime show from “The Weekend”.

How is that a name anyway?

But I digress.

Not only was it really boring and lame, but it was also chalked full of satanic symbols and rituals.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Read my full article here or just watch this:

And here:

After covering that story, I had hundreds of you email me asking if the same thing happened in prior years.

The answer?  Of course.

And many years were significantly worse.

I went back and got all the info for you, let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Starting here:

Then this:

And remember Lady Gag-me?


One of the all-time worst:

Even Prince:

And here:

And one more:

Oh, and in case you think I was going to trust all of this to YouTube….no way!

I have a full backup saved to Rumble here.



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