It’s shocking that anyone would think that President Trump didn’t expose Pelosi and Schumer today during their press conference at the White House.

One analyst on MSNBC said that Trump was “owned” by the two politicians. That’s pretty funny when you actually see the video and time after time President Trump had a great response to the snarky comments from the Democrats.

It was laugh-out-loud great to watch!

Here’s one of the highlights that proves¬†President Trump outmatches Schumer but the entire video is below:

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Chuck Schumer: “Elections have consequences, Mr. President.”

President Trump: “That’s right, and that’s why the country is doing so well.”



President Trump was on his game today during a press conference with the leaders of the House and Senate (VIDEO BELOW). Yes, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer came to the White House to talk to President Trump about the wall…or as Trump likes to call it “border security”

It was textbook Trump with his comments back at the slimy Democrats and his hysterical comment to Nancy Pelosi:

“Would you like to say a few words?”

Basically, President Trump tricked them at their own game. Pelosi claimed the new House would be more transparent and then Trump doubled down by opening the doors so we could all see what was going on. True transparency! You can tell by the video that they are very uncomfortable. TRUMP…LET THE SUN SHINE IN!


It’s a must watch with lots of belly laughs where Trump gets the best of the two squirming politicians:

President Trump starts with a jab at Schumer…it gets better after that.

It’s a masterful lesson in what real transparency is and how our president truly wants what’s best for all Americans.

The end game is that President Trump wanted to point out that the Democrats don’t want border security.

He’s actually talking directly to the American people during this press conference. He’s pleading his case in that he says he’ll take the blame for the shutdown of the government because he wants secure borders.

On another note, Pelosi and Schumer exited the White House to speak with reporters and did the usual spin on what was said. That’s why it’s so important that President Trump let everyone in to witness what was REALLY said.

Brilliant strategy by President Trump!

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