Wow! In this must watch video, Trump supporter, Shemeka Michelle, slays the Democrat Party for trying to align Black Americans with people who voluntarily break out laws to cross our borders illegally.

Shemeka Michelle is fed up with Democrats dividing Americans into groups. She’s also fed up with Democrats trying to convince Black Americans that and illegal aliens are the new Blacks.

I wanna make myself very clear. I don’t like the terms, ‘Black’ and ‘Brown’. I don’t like the fact that people of color is now Blacks, Hispanics, Arab, little green martians. I don’t like that. And I don’t like it because I believe it is a strategic effort to pull on the heartstrings of Black Americans to make us feel like the plight of those trying to illegally immigrate into the country, is the same as our ancestors.

“Let me tell you something,” Shemeka said. “Somebody floating over here on an intertube or 102 men hopping in a pickup truck trying to charge the border is not the same as an African being snatched from his land, being brought to a foreign land, beat, and chained, and being forced to work for free. It is not the same.”

“I reject the notion that I have to feel sorry for them,” she said.

“By choice and by force are two different things,” she reminded her viewers.

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Shemeka, who was clearly frustrated and explained that she doesn’t usually get in front of a camera on Twitter and rant before she meditates, saying, “I’m all up here in my pajamas and a headscarf, looking like I’m about to go to the Family Dollar for a carton of eggs and a pack of Newports.”

Finally, Shemeka told her follwers she was going to meditate, “I’m hella pissed right now. You all pissed me off—but happy Sunday.”

Watch her hilarious and spot on rant here:


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