Wow! NBA great Charles Barkley savagely roasted Jussie Smollett last night!

He wouldn’t stop during the NBA show as his co-anchors just kept telling him to knock it off. The show kept cutting away but couldn’t stop Barkley who was on a roll.

MUST WATCH: Charles Barkley savagely roasts Jussie Smollett all night long on @NBAonTNT… and they tried to cut away from it, but he wouldn’t let it go. Shaq couldn’t stop laughing. ????

“Do not commit crimes with checks… GET CASH MAN!”

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AND Charles Barkley kept roasting Jussie Smollett… and even made a fake $3500 check to pay “Muggers” for “Mugging supplies

It’s interesting that the most honest person out there on the Smollett hate hoax is Charles Barkley! The mainstream media talking heads continue to deny what the Chicago police discovered in the case.

The evidence was presented to a grand jury in Chicago, and they agreed that there was enough information to charge Smollett.

The list of evidence is a mile long with video of the brothers buying items Smollett says were used in the supposed crime against him.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson delivered a blistering rebuke of Smollett and the people who ignored the truth.

While there will be those who ignore the truth in the case, it’s undeniable.

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