RUSSIAN COLLUSION: First, it was Russian collusion. According to Democrat logic, Trump won the election because he colluded with the Russians, who instead of wanting a weak, lying, opportunist Hillary Clinton as America’s next president, they instead chose an unpredictable, badass, America first, swamp drainer who can’t be bought. It makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, for the Democrats, their fantasy of removing Trump over bogus allegations of Russian collusion has backfired, as more and more evidence provided by AG Barr’s lead investigator John Durham proves the Trump campaign was being set up and spied upon by former President Barack Obama, his regime, and top players in the Deep State.

UKRAINE: Next, it was the Democrat’s attempt at framing President Trump for trying to affect the outcome of the 2020 election by threatening to hold up US aid to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy unless he agreed to investigate Joe Biden’s corrupt son, Hunter Biden. Other than liberal hack holdovers from the Obama regime, no evidence was found to corroborate their false claims, yet the Democrat-majority House impeached President Trump over their unfounded claims. The US Senate killed the Democrat’s dream of removing Trump by impeachment.

COVID-19: Immediately following the impeachment fail, the Wuhan coronavirus hit America. The media and leaders of the Democrat Party warned that should President Trump disregard the opinions of “expert” immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci, there would be grave consequences that would likely lead to millions of deaths. On February 28, Dr. Fauci wrote that the overall clinical consequences of COVID-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza, but only 11 days later, while testifying in front of Congress, Dr. Fauci told a House Committee that the coronavirus is, “10 times more lethal than the flu.” Dr. Fauci’s testimony, that was treated like the Holy Grail, sent our country into an unprecedented lockdown, while Democrat governors used his advice to destroy Trump’s historic economy less than nine months before the 2020 election.

DEMOCRAT GOVERNORS and D.C. LAWMAKERS:  President Trump, ever the optimist, refused to accept that America would be destroyed by a Chinese virus. While Democrat governors and lawmakers in D.C. lawmakers warned of apocalyptic results if Trump didn’t heed Dr. Fauci’s warnings, and keep America in lockdown, President Trump ignored them and forged ahead. The same Democrat governors who knowingly place COVID-19 positive patients in nursing homes across their states criticized President Trump for wanting to reopen the economy in their states. Democrat lawmakers and their allies in the media shamed President Trump, claiming his call to begin safely reopening businesses in America was being reckless and irresponsible.

BLACK LIVES MATTER: The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin outraged all of America. It was hard to find a single person, regardless of political affiliation, who disagreed that Officer Chauvin needed to be held accountable for his outrageous act of police brutality during the arrest of George Floyd. President Trump quickly addressed the incident, making it clear that he stood for justice for George Floyd and his family. Trump supporters joined the president in his call for justice. The Democrats and their allies in the media ignored President Trump and his supporter calls for justice. Instead, they turned what could have been a unifying moment for our nation, into a war against Trump and his supporters. They falsely claimed, “Trump’s a racist” and demanded that anyone who supports him (50% or more of America) are also “racists.”

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ANTIFA: The radical hate group, Antifa, quickly joined the Black Lives Matter movement. The organized group of anarchists quickly turned what started as peaceful protests into violent, destructive acts of private property that included arson and looting of businesses across America. Armed with sledgehammers, baseball bats, and stacks of bricks placed strategically around major cities, Antifa quickly turned “justice for George” into “free shit for all,” destroying businesses of black Americans along the way. Earlier this week, President Trump designated Antifa as a terrorist group. The Democrats and their allies in the media cried foul.

This morning, Donald Trump Jr. posted a video made by Fleccas, that shows a scene from the movie “Airplane.”Each of the players and forces, including acts of nature,  attempting to destroy “small businesses” in America are clearly defined in the hilarious clip.

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Seems about right. It’s been too long since I’ve seen an Airplane meme. 🤣 well done @fleccas

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While the video is funny because many of us remember the scene in “Airplane,” the truth is, small businesses in America are actually being destroyed in America, as we hide under our beds, allowing Democrats and their allies in the media to frighten and shame us into remaining silent.

It’s time to stand up to the left and defend President Trump in his efforts to drain the swamp. Refuse to allow the left to call you a racist because support our president’s efforts to Make America Great Again. Refuse to allow the Democrats to defund law enforcement. Refuse to allow the Democrats and their allies in the media to convince our youth that it’s okay for Black Lives Matter protesters to destroy businesses across America because they can. Refuse to allow anarchy in the greatest nation on earth. Stand up America…we have an election in 5 months, it’s up to Americans who love their country to climb out from under their beds, stop cowering to the left, and defend it.

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