Nancy Pelosi held a press conference today, where she discussed the Democrat Party’s scheme to make it appear that they’re sparing Trump from impeachment even though he deserves it. As usual, she garbled and stuttered her way through the whole press conference. Near the end of her press conference, Nancy was asked to explain why she called for “an intervention” of President Trump? Pelosi misunderstood the friendly reporter’s question and told him she thought he was asking about the 25th Amendment, an amendment in the Constitution that deals with the removal of a President from office who suffers from a disability. Pelosi responded by telling the reporter, “That’s a good idea! I’m glad you suggested it. I’ll take it up with my caucus. Not that they haven’t been thinking about it.” The media pool busts out laughing. “But your support will be important to them,” Nancy told the press pool.

As an added bonus, we’ve included a few highlights from Nancy’s speech today. After watching Nancy in action, it’s pretty clear she’s the person who needs an intervention.


President Trump called out Crazy Nancy. After Pelosi said in a memo to House members that he had a “temper tantrum” when he canceled the meeting President Trump tweeted out:

In a letter to her House colleagues, Nancy Pelosi said: “President Trump had a temper tantrum for us all to see.” This is not true. I was purposely very polite and calm, much as I was minutes later with the press in the Rose Garden. Can be easily proven. It is all such a lie!

Yesterday was more of the same. Following President Trump’s press conference, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi joined Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a press conference where she incoherently attempted to recognize fellow Democrat lawmakers who surrounded her.

The face of the man standing over Nancy’s shoulder says it all. As Nancy stumbles to name lawmakers and the roles they play in Congress, his face becomes more and more animated, as he’s clearly embarrassed by her incoherent behavior.

Poor Nancy, she appears to have lost track of who accompanied her to the press conference.

“The Senate whip or we call the assistant lead, or whatever the title is in the Senate…”

“The Chair of the…[laughs…can’t remember his name…tries to buy time] Uh…I love saying ‘Chair’ [laughs]…the Chair of the um—uh…”


The Democrats have been spying on and trashing our president since he came into office. He’s been tremendously strong and calm in the face of political dirty tricks like we’ve never seen before.

This will backfire on the Democrats.

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy spoke out right after Pelosi spoke calling her “irresponsible”.

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