BLM-ANTIFA terrorists attacked a Portland woman on Saturday evening after she dared to tell the radical leftist group to ‘go f**k itself.’

‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) and ANTIFA destroyed businesses and vandalized a federal building in Portland on Saturday night.

The far-left militants targeted the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, but you won’t see the media shedding any of their crocodile tears over this federal building.

One random woman, who has yet to be identified, reportedly told the radical group to ‘ go fuck itself,’ followed by being pummeled in the streets.


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Independent journalists Andy Ngo and Brendan Gutenschwager covered the “protests” Saturday evenings. Gutenschwager tweeted video evidence supporting the innocent Portland woman.

Approximately 60 people were involved in the chaos.

The militants also vandalized a Starbucks…as usual.

It is unclear what this weekend’s tantrum is even about.

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