The video below is a stunning example of living in a leftist city where anything goes.

‘Seattle is Dying’ is a news special from KOMO that explores the downfall of the city of Seattle. How did they get here?

Seattle spends over $1 billion every year to help the homeless but the more money thrown at the problem the worse it gets.

“Rot and filth is being allowed to fester” and the police officers are told not to enforce laws. “Free-attle” is another name for the city because it’s a place known to give out freebies so it attracts freeloaders:

“People come here because it’s called Free-attle and they believe if they come here they will get free food, free medical treatment, free mental health treatment, a free tent, free clothes and will be free of prosecution for just about everything; and they’re right.”`

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A hands-off approach forced on the police department and lenient sentences for lawlessness are problems that allow criminals to roam the streets of Seattle: Just 100 homeless people in Seattle were responsible for 3,500 criminal cases.

This is a must-watch video that is a lesson for everyone in America to vote Republican!

Leftist policies don’t work as you can see with the hands-off approach by law enforcement.

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