The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) held a Congressional reception honoring the three new Muslim Congressman and inadvertently revealed their agenda. Their agenda is frightening because it’s constant fearmongering and lies to divide us as a nation.

The Director of CAIR spoke first at the event and revealed the desires of the Muslim community. His comments and total disrespect for President Trump. How can we get anything done in D.C. with the hate towards our president?

Andre Carson spoke about Islamophobia, “Superman” Keith Ellison and others who were elected to public office. In particular, Rashida Tlaib is lauded by Carson as a “Sister” we need to help out. If you ask us, she needs a bar of soap in her mouth. She is the one who called president Trump a “motherfu*ker”

He continues to say he won’t rest until we have 5, 10, 30-35 Muslims in Congress…”We shouldn’t stop there.”

Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Recited the ‘Muslim Victory Call – War Cry of Allah’ in a radical speech at a CAIR Reception:

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The war cry of Allah is spoken at the beginning of her speech. It might not seem like a big deal and might be easy to miss but it’s about the greatness of Allah over the land.

“Mohammed was all about justice. He was all about pushing up against all of the things that you see from slavery from what we see now, if he was here today, he would be stronger and stronger and pushing up against the kind of injustice that we see coming out of the White House.”

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It’s at the 24-minute mark:  “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim”

She makes the false claim that President Trump called Mexicans rapists…He did not.

He said rapists come across the border…TRUE!

She’s using the race card in a huge way to get the people to follow her. President Trump is for ALL Americans!

The common theme throughout the video is that the Muslim community is the victim and that Muslims should fear our president because they deem him a racist.

All of this hatemongering gets us nothing but divided. These people are doing exactly what they claim President Trump is doing.

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