The video below is an EXCELLENT overview of what’s happening in America with the left’s attempt to steal the 2020 election and to turn America into a socialist nation. It all began with the election of President Trump and the attempt to destroy him with the phony Russia collusion story. Throughout his four years in office, President Trump has weathered the storm of opposition from the left. In spite of the media and the Democrats best efforts to destroy him, he still had win after win. He kept the people in mind at all times and not the politics. The People’s President would go on to win the 2020 election in a landslide but dark forces stopped the counting in key swing states. The election was stolen overnight as the left worked like mad to make up for the votes Biden didn’t get. President Trump’s second term was stolen from him but the fight to overturn the election goes on…

TRANSCRIPT: 2020 has been a year like no other, everything changed. The greatest threat we’re facing right now is not an invisible enemy invading our bodies, but one that is invading our country & our minds.

What did you think on election night when historically red states were stalled while blue states were immediately called for Biden? Or the late night ballot dumps that were somehow all for Biden? Or the batches of pristine ballots? Burst water pipes? Computer glitches?

Dominion the voting system with ties to socialist Venezuela that was programmed to manipulate votes for Biden while sending our data to China, Iran, and Russia. And when the system crashed because of the trump landslide key battleground states simply decided to stop counting.

Didn’t they just drag us through a baseless four-year witch hunt into Russian election interference over far less evidence? Even President Trump’s tweets are censored & his press conferences are cut off. The POTUS is being censored by US companies. Think about what that means.

Why did Hillary Clinton tell Biden not to concede under any circumstances all the way back in the summer? Why did they spend the last four years using every possible tactic to undermine Trump’s presidency? Why did every single mainstream media rush to coronate Biden?

We face the greatest threat since the American revolution. Guess who owns a massive chunk of Hollywood. Guess who pays millions of dollars to the Wall Street Journal & the New York Times to publish their propaganda. Guess who’s given the Biden family billions of dollars.

Right now we’re in a battle for our republic & the enemy is already inside the gates even those we thought we could trust have turned on us. They’re not fighting with guns and bombs no but with words ideas & narratives because what they’re fighting for are our minds.

We fought to escape tyranny. We bled to end slavery. We revere the brave men who died for our freedom. We unite in times of hardship we know good from evil & truth from lies. We the people call upon our president to defend us from enemies foreign & domestic & uphold his oath.

Our enemies snuck in during the night & tried to use the media to lull us to sleep while they stole our country but instead they awoke the sleeping giant. They tried a great reset but instead they triggered a great awakening. It’s time to stand with our Founding Fathers.

Time to STAND!

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