Only three weeks after President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, Ed Pilkington of The Guardian wrote a grotesque hit piece on voters in Macomb County, MI. In his article, Pilkington suggests the reason Macomb County citizens overwhelmingly voted for President Trump after voting for Barack Obama twice, is because they’re not listening to the left-wing media.

Pilkington starts his article:

In a Michigan county that helped get Donald Trump elected, people are actively choosing to ignore news they don’t want to hear – or not receiving news at all.

Pinkerton’s article begins by laying out the liberal media’s dramatic, exaggerated and mostly untrue talking points about Trump.

Trump has proclaimed war on the media, was accused of serial lying, declared open season on environmentalists and undocumented immigrants, outraged the Mexican president, begun stripping millions of Americans of healthcare coverage, and revived the prospect of torturing terror suspects. The pugnacity of his pronouncements has left even Trump-hardened observers aghast, prompting speculation that such an adrenaline-charged opening to his term couldn’t possibly be sustained.

Tell that to the people of Macomb County in Michigan.

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“Thank the Lord for Donald Trump!” exclaimed the waitress in Angelo’s diner when asked how she thought he was doing. “He’s awesome, he’s great,” said the car worker. “I absolutely love him,” the window cleaner said. “I’m 100% for Trump,” the pawn shop owner said.

Then there is how residents of Macomb County, an overwhelmingly white working-class suburb of Detroit, see their new commander-in-chief. It is as if all the raging controversy of the week had somehow washed off him on the 600-mile journey from Washington to Michigan, leaving a cleansed and beatific Trump committed to creating jobs and putting America first.

Niel Redmond, 54, a mechanic who in 2012 voted for Barack Obama but this time went for Trump, said: “I think he’s doing a phenomenal job.”

Trump supporter, Wallace Kotharz

Pilkerton’s next target is Wallace Kotharz, a strong Trump supporter who calls him the “greatest president for jobs that God ever created”. Kotharz cites Carrier and the Keystone Pipeline as examples of Trump’s successes.

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The Guardian writer desperately attempts to diminish every one of the Trump supporters by suggesting they just don’t read enough because, if they did, they would surely hate President Trump as much as he does. He goes out of his way to create an image of the Macomb County Trump supporters as a bunch of uneducated bufoons, blaming their ignorance on their refusal to trust the media to tell them the truth about Trump.

What makes someone like the chief reporter for the far left Guardian want to travel to the blue-collar county in Michigan when so many other counties across America flipped for Trump in 2016? Perhaps it’s because the Democrat Party knows that the road to the White House is likely running through Macomb County, MI.

President Trump knew the importance of sharing his plans for bringing back jobs to America with Macomb County residents. Only two days before the election, Trump made one last stop in Sterling Heights, MI, the center of Macomb County, hoping to convince voters in the Democrat stronghold to support him on election day. It was in Sterling Heights, where he accurately predicted a “Brexit”-style election win, referring to when the United Kingdom voters defied pre-election polling numbers and opted to leave the European Union.

Trump won Macomb County, MI with 54 % of the vote to Hillary’s 42%. Gary Johnson got 3% of the vote.

Yesterday, 100 Percent Fed Up and Jazmine Early, a legal immigrant from Columbia, sponsored a rally for Trump’s border wall in Sterling Heights, MI.

Mark Forton, a retired auto factory worker, who is now the Macomb County GOP Chair was also present at the rally. Forton, a huge President Trump supporter, asked if could tell me about some exciting news he was bringing back from the Macomb County GOP convention? Besides bickering, I wasn’t convinced anything coming out of the local Republican convention could be considered exciting, but I agreed to meet with Mark to hear what he had to say.

After standing outside for over two hours during the rally in single-digit temperatures including the wind chill factor, I agreed to meet Mark for a cup of hot chocolate in the Country Cabin Restuarant. (It should be noted, that the owners of the restaurant enthusiastically agreed to allow our pro-Trump, pro-border wall supporters use their restrooms and come inside to thaw out during our rally.) 

As it turns out, the Macomb County GOP Chair did have some very exciting news to share. Forton explained that on February 7, they held their County Convention, where delegates and alternates are elected to the State Convention. The GOP Chair explained how he threw a wrench into what should have been a ho-hum procedural meeting. Before the convention, the GOP Chair asked for time to deliver a report to the members. He explained that this not customarily done at conventions, but said, “there is no rule saying that you cannot do it.”

During his report, Forton addressed the convention, where he described the political atmosphere as truly extraordinary, and that the 2016 election ushered in an era that changed politics forever in this country, saying, the phrase “politics as normal” will never be a useful statement again.
Forton explained why he was addressing the crowd during what was usually a dry, procedural event, telling them, “The screaming from the 2016 election to this day……..Calls for impeachment, starting PRIOR to the inauguration and still going on, multiple calls for ASSINATION, calls for RAPING the First Lady and Ivanka Trump. Illegal investigations while real crimes are ignored, slander, lies, a united media’s relentless and continual attacks and more” were all reasons why he needed them to consider something extraordinary. He reminded the Delegates that they were there to represent everyone in Macomb County who voted for Trump in 2016 and that since they are facing extraordinary circumstances, he asked them to consider voting before the primary election to endorse President Trump before the 2020 primary election.
Forton told me that within seconds, many of the delegates jumped up and yelled, “So moved!” and immediately yelled, “I second!”
Within seconds, the large group of over 300 delegates threw their hands in their air in support of President Trump, passing the motion unanimously. Forton explained that he was stunned at the unanimous vote. The GOP Chair expected many people would agree, but given the diversity of the group, he never expected a unanimous vote. The GOP Chair said he told the many guests who were present in the back of the room that what just happened is “unheard of” and that “they were witness to the event.” Forton said “everyone in the hall was excited,” saying, “The MCRP is known as having raucous conventions” but in his thirty years in the Macomb County GOP, “I have never witnessed a unanimous vote on anything.”
President Trump already has the unanimous endorsement of the GOP in the critical Michigan county, while, Democrat Party presidential candidates, like the fake Indian, Senator Elizabeth Warren, “Spartacus” Corey Booker, Senator Kamala Harris, and Socialist Bernie Sanders, will all be fighting for the top spot in the formerly blue state of Michigan.  With so many delegates already committing their support for Donald Trump in 2020, this gives the Republican Party a considerable advantage in a county many consider the road to the White House.
MLive explains the significance of Macomb Co.- In 2016, Trump took about 54 percent of the vote in Macomb County, against Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton’s 42 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson got about 3 percent of the vote.

The difference of 48,348 votes was enough to swing Michigan for Trump.

Statewide, voters chose Trump by just 13,107 votes.

Macomb County voters favored Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008 and again in 2012. Before that, in 2004, the county narrowly chose George W. Bush as president.

About 82 percent of Macomb County residents are white, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and the rate of people 25 years or older with a bachelor’s degree or above is 23 percent.

Both campaigns passed through Macomb County, but Trump’s team appeared to give it more attention down the stretch.


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