President Biden’s Presidency has continued to nosedive as inflation has hit a record-high and violent crime soars across the country.

Biden’s approval ratings have continually remained in the low to mid 30s and have shown no signs of increasing as the United States draws closer to the 2022 midterm elections.

Dozens of high-profile Democratic officials have come out against Biden and said that he should not run for re-election in 2024.

Now, one of the top liberal activist groups is openly campaigning to dissuade Biden from running for re-election.

RootsAction, the group behind the campaign, did not pull punches in their messaging.


The groups hashtag, “#DontRunJoe” will be featured in a digital ad campaign, saying that Biden has been neither “bold” nor “inspiring”.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

On Tuesday, one of the nation’s more prominent, left-leaning groups urged Joe Biden not to run in 2024 with a six-figure “#DontRunJoe” ad campaign.

RootsAction is the group behind the extensive campaign. The far-left group describes itself as “dedicated to galvanizing people who are committed to economic fairness, equal rights for all, civil liberties, environmental protection.”

This week, the group launched the six-figure ad buy in an attempt to block Biden’s 2024 nomination.

The group posted about the campaign on Twitter, saying, “President Biden has been neither bold nor inspiring and his prospects for winning re-election appear to be bleak, RootsAction announced today that we are launching a campaign to prevent his renomination.”

The group noted their influence: “With an email list of 1.2 million current supporters in the US, we are committed to nationwide organizing to prevent Biden from being the 2024 nominee.”

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