Mike Lindell is one of the most generous men in America.

Last week, Mike traveled with a crew from his MyPillow company to Florida, where he visited with victims of Hurricane Ian.

Mike met up with several members of Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse charity who were on the ground and ready to help.

While he was there, Mike passed out pillows, blankets and  to victims as a way to at least help them get a decent night of sleep.

Even young victims of the tragedy got pillows from Mike. The image below shows the smiling face of a young girl carrying a stack of Mike’s My Bible pillows for young children that include bible verses with beautiful illustrations.

Mike didn’t just send his employees down to Florida; instead, the man, who is arguably one of the busiest men in America, worked with volunteers to deliver the pillows himself.

In addition to his incredibly charitable heart, Mike is an American patriot and hero who has been attacked by the mainstream media and the Left ever since he showed support for President Trump.

Last month, while sitting at a drive-thru window in his hometown in Minnesota, Mike Lindell, who has been fighting for election security in America, was surrounded by the FBI outside a Hardee’s restaurant.

They took his phone – the phone he uses to operate his business and run his hearing aids.

Mike has vowed to fight back in the courts to make sure his rights are protected, and justice is done.

But even while under persecution, Mike is taking care of the people who need it most.

He just donated thousands of pillows and children’s blankets to the victims of Hurricane Ian — and he did it personally.

Watch this video about Mike’s trip:

Franklin Graham also posted these pictures and his appreciation for Mike:

What a patriot and a hero!

If you’d like to support Mike and 100 Percent Fed Up, go to the FEDUP discounts page at MyPillow.com and use promo code FEDUP:

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