“I think it’s all senseless. All senseless.” – Bethlehem, PA NAACP President Esther Lee  

Bethlehem, PA NAACP President Esther Lee brought some common sense to the craziness going on all around America right now. Leave it to the wise elderly lady to set everyone straight…We love what she had to say!

Esther Lee doesn’t agree with the vandalism of Confederate monuments in Baltimore or condone the actions of those who tore down the statue in North Carolina, either.

“You know that’s history. That was in that point in time. You can’t eliminate what history is. So I disapprove with young people pulling down those statues,” she says.

Lee then adds, “A young woman died. Two officers were murdered in a plane crash and all for what? Because somebody in their mind decided, “we don’t need to look at that anymore.”

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“It shouldn’t be,” she says softly.

President Trump weighed in on the question about taking Confederate statues down by saying, “This week, it’s Robert E. Lee. I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is coming down. I wonder is it George Washington next week? Is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You know, you do really have to ask yourself where does it stop?”

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While Lee doesn’t agree with President Trump on everything, she does think that history should be left to stand and advises others to join her in praying for the president.

“I would pray that he would gain the strength to do what’s necessary in the job, at least for these four years,” she says.

Lee says maybe things aren’t what they should be. But that doesn’t mean hate and hurt need to win.

She says, instead, what we should do, is widen our circle of compassion.

A spokeswoman for Gettysburg National Military Park says they haven’t received any complaints about their hundreds of monuments and markers and she says they have no plans to remove anything memorializing Confederates leaders or soldiers.

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