Nigel Farage: I don’t think it’s worth getting angry about Hillary. I just think she looks sad and pathetic. From now on, let’s just ignore her.

Amen! We agree with Farage but it’s so interesting to listen to Clinton’s delusional take on what happened in the 2016 election. It confirms for everyone that we made the right choice in the election. This woman needs a reality check! It’s so revealing to see just how out of touch with reality she REALLY is and how petty and bitter she has been.

Aren’t we so lucky we dodged THIS bullet!


Hillary Clinton continues on the path to complete and total denial. #CODECON 2017 included a blah, blah, blah session by Clinton. She spews ridiculous victimhood…it’s embarrassing!

“Nobody said don’t do this”

This woman needs to go off into the woods for another walk.


From the author of the hilarious poems: Ode To Liberal Lunacy and ‘Twas The Night Before The Inauguration, Tony Olson has done it again! This time he’s created a hilarious video to the tune of Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things” called “My Favorite Excuses”. The lyrics for the video were written by Tony Olson. Enjoy Olson’s hilarious poem set a popular tune every generation will recognize, as he takes us through the failed and miserable campaign of Hillary Clinton.


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