This is a great take on how Limbaugh thinks The Donald will handle the debate. It’s like birds of a feather because these two men are such truth tellers – Limbaugh GETS Trump and understands that the American people are 100% FED Up! with professional and scripted politicians. However this all shakes out in the end, Trump has done a fantastic job of bringing up key topics and calling politicians out on their inability to get the job done for America. I love it!

Rush Limbaugh expects what pretty much everyone else does––that Donald Trump is going to “blow up” this week’s big GOP debate. But unlike many others, he’s actually okay with that.

Limbaugh said the way debates are handled these days is “predictable” and “stale,” so Trump going up there and saying “how stupid he thinks this is and how unproductive he thinks this is” would at least shake things up.

“He’ll talk about how it’s not productive toward choosing a candidate, that it just muddies the waters and it doesn’t give anybody enough time to do anything, and there’s no way that all 10 people can personally interact with each other. Then you’ve got the moderators trying to interject and keep control of the thing, and trying to make names for themselves, too, even though they deny that.”

Limbaugh noted Trump might break out of the format after he thinks he’s scored a big point.


“I don’t think he would do this if he thinks he’s not doing well,” he explained.

“I think he would only do something like this from a position of perceived strength and he would basically start lambasting the whole format and say, ‘You know what? This is what’s wrong with choosing a president! What does this got to do with anything? We’re all up here, everybody knows that nine out of 10 of these people aren’t going anywhere. What are we doing here? This is crazy! All we’re gonna do for two or three hours here is tell everybody how rotten each other is. It’s crazy. It’s not gonna matter a hill of beans at the end of the day. What are wasting our time here for? Making TV ratings for other people.’ Or something like this. I mean that would be in character. And how many people do you think would stand up and go, ‘Right on!’”

Limbaugh claims many conservative voters in the Republican Party are often disillusioned after debates take place because, “A northeastern liberal moderate establishment candidate gets the nomination. And if not a northeastern liberal, then an Arizona moderate or liberal. But an establishment candidate gets it. And the conservative candidates all seem to winnow themselves out. I don’t see Trump – as front and center as he is, as dominating as he is – willing, permitting himself to be seen as an equal among 10. By shutting up when he’s supposed to shut up. By not speaking when he’s not supposed to speak.”
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