Nancy Pelosi holds a weekly press conference every Thursday, and it’s always full of false statements from the Speaker of the House. This is not like the usual press conference but is more like a queen coming to speak to her subjects. The media quietly listens, and if questions are ever asked, it’s all softball questions. Anyone who dares ask a controversial question is verbally slapped down by Pelosi.

Today was the day to make a big deal about the anniversary of the 19th Amendment of a woman’s right to vote. Pelosi spoke about that and then pivoted to use it to claim that “voting is under assault” because there is pushback from Republicans on having mail-in-ballots for the next election.

Pelosi spoke about her “HEROES ACT” and the billions that she wants, including providing mail-in-ballots to Americans for the 2020 election:

Pelosi desperately wants mail-in-ballots. She’s playing it off like it’s necessary, but if Americans can go to Walmart, then they certainly can go to the polls to vote. Former President Jimmy Carter even said that mail-in-ballots provide opportunities for rampant voter fraud. Even though Carter reversed course in early may on his opinion, he’s still on record saying:

The bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform, which was co-chaired by former President Jimmy Carter, determined in 2005 that “absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.” 

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