First they were a fringe group who Americans were shocked to breaking windows and lighting cars on fire during President Trump’s inauguration. Now, thanks to efforts by the Democrat Party and their allies in the media, they’ve become an acceptable means for shutting down dissent in America. Billionaire Democrat George Soros funds them, and CNN has made several efforts to shine a positive light on the radical and very violent group. Their primary goal is to shut down free speech and to threaten anyone with views that are in opposition to theirs from publicly declaring their beliefs. Antifa is the new face of the Democrat Party and this story is proof:

Joey Gibson of the group Patriot Prayer had planned to hold a peaceful rally with a diverse array of speakers, but ultimately opposition from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, other San Francisco Democrats and the Antifa movement proved too much.
Mr. Gibson cancelled the Freedom Rally before it was scheduled to begin Saturday at Crissy Field in San Francisco, saying he feared it would erupt into a “huge riot” fueled by radical activists from antifa and By Any Means Necessary.

“It was the best thing to do for the city because the way it was set up is that a lot of innocent people were going to get hurt,” Mr. Gibson said during a press conference on Facebook Live. “That’s a fact. A bunch of supporters, a bunch of antifa communists, normal liberals would have all been mixed together. It would have been a huge riot, and it would have been a disaster.”

A separate right-of-center event slated for Sunday in Berkeley called “No to Marxism in America” also was cancelled by organizers over fears of violence.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee had urged residents instead to attend a rally at Civic Center Plaza, and thousands did, holding a “unite against hate” march while carrying anti-Trump signs and an enormous rainbow banner that said, “Rise and Resist!”

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Ms. Pelosi had called on the National Park Service to reconsider Patriot Prayer’s permit, describing the event as a “white supremacist rally.”

“Reason has prevailed because the people of San Francisco have demonstrated our determination to protect the freedom of peaceful expression as well as public safety,” Ms. Pelosi said Saturday in a statement to the Mercury News.

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But Mr. Gibson accused San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Ms. Pelosi of stoking unrest by labeling the event as a white supremacy fest, even though most of the scheduled speakers were not white and Mr. Gibson himself is half-Asian.

“To call us white supremacists made San Francisco way more dangerous,” Mr. Gibson said. –Washington Times


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