Nancy Pelosi usually gets softball questions from the media during her weekly press conferences, but James Rosen came at her with some truth when he asked this morning is she “hates” President Trump.

Pelosi left the podium and walked over to dramatically point her finger at James Rosen.

It was a moment meant for the media and very reminiscent of her ‘performance’ at the State of the Union when she mocked Trump by clapping with extended arms.

Let’s face it, for Nancy, it’s all about the optics…

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fired back at a reporter who asked whether she hates Trump.

“I resent your using the word ‘hate’ in a sentence that addresses me.”

“I don’t hate anyone… so don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that.”

Thank you to James Rosen for being the brave journalist in the room!

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He also recently ruffled Pelosi’s feathers so she called Rosen “Mr. Republican talking points”:


After a disastrous day of hearsay testimony by the Democrat Party’s star witnesses on Capitol Hill yesterday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a damage control press conference with friendly members of the press to plead her case for Trump’s impeachment.

One of the questions at Pelosi’s damage control press conference came from former Fox News reporter James Rosen, who now works for Sinclair Broadcasting Group. Rosen asked her about the question everyone wants to know, what about the whistleblower who started this whole impeachment circus? Rosen asked, “do the rights of the whistleblower prevail over those of the President,” asking if President Trump “should ordinarily enjoy the right to confront his accuser?”

A clearly frustrated Nancy Pelosi snapped back, “Well, let me say this, I say to you, ‘Mr. Republican talking points,’” as Fox News reporter James Rosen can be seen raising his eyebrows at her accusation of the only non-partisan reporter in the room. “When you talk about the whistleblower, you’re coming into my wheelhouse,” Pelosi warned. Nancy continued, explaining how much better qualified she is than anyone else to speak on behalf of the anti-Trump whistleblower, who has already been outed as an anti-Trump, registered Democrat.

In a bombshell article, Paul Sperry of Real Clear Investigations wrote that 33-year-old Eric Ciaramella [pronounced char-a-MEL-ah], a CIA analyst, an Obama White House holdover had strong ties to Obama’s crooked NSA, Susan Rice, he worked for former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan.

Is it any wonder that Nancy Pelosi is lashing out at reporters who suggest President Trump have the right to face his accuser?


What do you think? Is Nancy scared to death the whistleblower’s identity will be confirmed? Share your thoughts with us below.

*Our original story claimed that James Rosen was a Fox News reporter. Rosen is no longer employed by Fox News, and is instead, is an investigative reporter for Sinclair Broadcast Group



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