Well, well, well…Nancy Pelosi has changed her tune since Obama was in office.

She’s been busy trying to obstruct President Trump’s mission in the Middle East by having the House pass the War Resolution Act.

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The problem with the War Resolution is that it’s nonbinding (see below) so it does nothing to block President Trump’s policy in the Middle East. It only serves as a public relations gimmick aimed at the far-left voters.

The bottom line is that Nancy Pelosi puts politics before what’s best for America. She always has…

Listen to her assertion that Obama ‘did not need authorization” to use force in Libya in 2011:

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A bill sponsored by former CIA analyst Rep. Slotkin (D-MI), was passed to limit President Trump’s military actions against Iran. In a 224 to 194 vote, the House passed a war powers resolution to limit President Trump’s military actions against Iran. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the resolution would send a clear message that the president shouldn’t take further military action against Iran without Congress’ approval.

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