During a press conference today, a reporter took Nancy Pelosi off guard when he asked her if the Democrats should be looking to replace her with younger members of Congress?

“Leader Pelosi, to that end, the Democratic Party is increasingly younger, more female, more diverse, more progressive. Should the Democratic House leadership look that way?”

Nancy, unable to hide her anger for the reporter after he clearly questioned her ability to lead due to her age, tried to brush off the question.

“Well I’m female, I’m progressive, I’m — and the rest. So what’s your problem? (Laughter) Two out of three ain’t bad.”

The reporter then asked about the New York race where the young Socialist-Democrat candidate won the Democrat primary race, defeating a popular Congressman Joe Crowley who had been serving in Congress for 20 years.”

Nancy snapped at the reporter:

“No, they did. They made a choice in one district. So let’s not get yourself carried away as an expert on demographics and the rest of that.

Within the caucus or outside the caucus, we are…again, we have an array of genders, generations, geography, and there is opinion in our caucus, and we’re proud of that. The fact that in a very progressive district in New York, it went more progressive than…Joe Crowley is a progressive, but more she’s left than Joe Crowley, is about that district. It is not to be viewed as something that stands for anything else.

Are we excited about another generation of people coming into the commons? I am particularly excited that so many women are running across the country, because when I came to Congress, usually people had raised their families or done something else before they came. The men were an average ten years younger when they came. And now we have women stepping up earlier, weighing home and work in a way that’s going to benefit all the American people.

Thank you all very much.”


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