Nancy Pelosi decided to make a connection between the Military budget and the Republican budget saying it “stirs” up violence…Notice who is standing behind her in the video…all people who come to the feds for a handout from taxpayers. The ironic thing is that it’s the military that’s SUPPOSED to be funded over any of these leeches.


Nancy Pelosi had a strange reaction to a reporter’s question about North Korean aggression…She giggled!

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Nancy Pelosi holds a weekly press conference that has become a joke. Every week she does something strange that hits the news. Whether it’s giggling or saying Bush is President, you can be sure Pelosi will do something gaffe worthy.

Pelosi was fielding questions from reporters during her weekly press conference, and as she finished an answer about arts funding…she giggled.

A reporter then said, “Kim Jung In has been celebrating their ICBM launch with some cultural” events…Pelosi laughed strangely.

Pelosi stopped giggling and gathered her composure as the reporter continued…she then sighed loudly into the microphone.

As the reporter finished asking his question about whether Pelosi thinks the administration will be able to protect the West Coast from an attack, she bizarrely said she’s “one of the few members of Congress to have visited Pyongyang.”

What is wrong with this woman? Term limits please!

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