In March, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (CA) said that she would not be in favor of impeachment hearings for President Trump because, “It’s just not worth it.” Speaking to the press, Pelosi said that she didn’t think that the Democratic Party shoud “go down that path,” warning that it would “divide the country.”


Slowly but surely, the House Speaker began to show signs of losing control of her party, as radical, far-left Democrats like Rashida Tlaib, Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff, Eric Swallwell, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar began screaming for Trump’s impeachment.

The better the economic numbers, and the lower the unemployment numbers, the louder the Democrats screamed, hoping to distract from President Trump and the Republican Party’s successes. It’s interesting to note, that the Democrats waited patiently to begin their carefully timed impeachement hearings to coincide with the 2020 election.

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Today, the House Judiciary Committee, under the leadership of the unhinged chair, Jerry Nadler,  voted to approve guidelines for impeachment hearings on President Donald Trump .

Nancy Pelosi, who famously said she was against impeachment hearings because it would divide America, was forced to backtrack on her previous statement when confronted by the media.

A visibly agitated Pelosi, stumbled and bumbled through questions asked by the media. When the media who wouldn’t stop asking her if she supports impeachment proceedings for President Trump, Pelosi became angry, and shot back, saying, “I’m not answering anymore questions on the subject!”


Americans are smart enough to understand that the Democrats are at the end of their rope, and that impeachment hearings are nothing more than a “hail Mary” pass going into the 2020 election, by a party most Democrats don’t even recoginize anymore.

Will impeachment hearings for President Trump backfire on the Democrat Party? Will Democrat voters see through their pre-election shenanigans and stay home in disgust for their party? Will Independent voters be turned off by the desperation of Democrats who have nothing to offer American voters in terms of actual policy?


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