Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered a completely disrespectful rant against President Trump when she taunted him on MSNBC by saying he needs to “stand up like a man and accept the results of the election…”

“But the easiest thing for him to do is to stand up like a man and accept the results of an election of the American people. For him to make these kinds of statements shows his lack of patriotism, his undermining of our elections, while he allows foreign countries like his friend Putin to undermine the integrity of our election. He himself is doing it as well. But let’s forget about him. Let’s get on with the future. Let’s have the results counted properly, that everybody’s vote is counted as cast. Let’s unify the country as we go forward. Joe Biden is a great unifier.”

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She also claimed the president lacks patriotism and said he’s undermining our elections. Huh? This is trash talk from a woman who has refused to speak to President Trump for a year. She’s made it no secret that she is not going to work across the aisle with Republicans.

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President Trump is a very patriotic American who loves this country. He left a great life to run for president and, once elected, decided to donate his entire salary.

Democrats have also been pushing the false narrative that Trump is doing something to undermine our election. He’s actually been calling out the voter fraud by Democrats that’s been happening all over America. The latest case of voter fraud from Project Veritas is a whopper:

BREAKING: Ballot Chaser Reveals MASSIVE Voter Fraud To Elect @JoeBiden

‘Some of my Republicans are precinct chairs that cannot be known…They want to help Biden’

“For the entire team I’m looking at…$55,000″

“$55k for 5k votes, top of the ticket, Hegar/Biden”


The YouTube video of the undercover video:

The woman in the video above is similar to the ballot harvesters that Project Veritas exposed recently:

The next time a Democrat says there is no such thing as voter fraud, show them the videos below.

Project Veritas just released its second bombshell video of undercover ballot harvesting by associates of Rep. Ilhan Omar. After the first video (see below) was released yesterday, the Minneapolis Police Department announced they are “looking into” the blatant voter fraud in their city.

The video below shows money changing hands for a general election ballot:


A Minnesota GOP Rep. was interviewed by Michelle Malkin about the bombshell video from James O’Keefe about voter fraud via ballot harvesting in Minneapolis. The bombshell undercover video(see below) was released by O’Keefe yesterday and has caused an investigation by the Minneapolis Police Department into what looks like voter fraud.

Watch the video below where GOP Rep. Steve Drazkowski took the info to Project Veritas because he didn’t believe the FBI would do anything about the voter fraud:

The bombshell video is below:

The Minneapolis Police Department just announced that they are looking into voter fraud allegations involving Rep. Ilhan Omar associates. Project Veritas dropped a video (see below) yesterday that blows open a ballot harvesting scheme in Minneapolis.

In the first of a series of reports, Project Veritas reveals a ballot harvesting scheme involving associates of Rep. Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis.

While the Democrats try and keep the lie going that there is no voter fraud in our elections, blatant fraud is happening right in the open in Minneapolis. What other cities are there that are doing the same thing?

The short clip below begins with ballot harvester Liban Mohamed in a car with a stack of ballots bragging about harvesting ballots:

“Numbers Do Not Lie. Numbers Do Not Lie. You Can See My Car is Full. All These Here Are Absentee Ballots. Can’t You See? Look at All These, My Car is Full.”

A paid voter says:

“When We Sign The Voting Document and They Fill It Out Is When They Give Us The Money,”… “The Minute We Signed The Thing [Ballot] For The Election. That’s When We Get paid.”

The ballot harvester says:

“Money is Everything. Money is the King in this World. If You Got No Money, You Should Not Be Here, Period. You Know What I am saying? Money is Everything and a Campaign is Managed By Money.”

Minneapolis Somali Community Insider says:

“It’s an Open Secret” … “She [Ilhan Omar] Will Do Anything That She Can Do To Get Elected and She [Omar] Has Hundreds of People on The Streets Doing That.”

A ballot harvester says:

We “Request” Ballots For The Seniors and Then Take Them Away.

Mike Lindell commented on the voter fraud video after President Trump tweeted about it:



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