Earlier this morning, President Trump tweeted about an incredible letter written by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to her Democrat colleagues.

In her letter, Pelosi expressed her frustration with the “weak response” by the public to their impeachment charade, saying, “The weak response to these hearings has been, ‘Let the election decide.’ That dangerous position only adds to the urgency of our action, because POTUS is jeopardizing the integrity of the 2020 elections.”

Trump summarized her letter in this tweet, calling her “CRAZY!”: Nancy Pelosi just stated that “it is dangerous to let the voters decide Trump’s fate.” @FoxNews In other words, she thinks I’m going to win and doesn’t want to take a chance on letting the voters decide. Like Al Green, she wants to change our voting system. Wow, she’s CRAZY!

In his tweet, Trump did improperly quote Pelosi in his summarization of her remarks, tweeting, “it is dangerous to let the voters decide Trump’s fate.”  He did, however, capture the essence of her statement to her Democrat comrades.

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Here’s Nancy’s letter, warning her comrades in the Democrat Party about the “urgency of our action”:



Far-left activist Laurence Tribe tweeted his support for Pelosi’s letter, adding that he agrees it “would be dangerous to leave our fate to an election whose integrity Trump is eroding.”

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The left used Trump’s use of quotation marks around Pelosi’s remarks as a reason to discount her warning. While the quotation marks are not accurate, Trump’s statement is in fact, an accurate summarization of Pelosi’s warning to her comrades in the Democrat Party.

We’ll wait for the fact-checkers to demand that Nancy didn’t really mean what she said in her statement and that conservatives are intentionally misunderstanding her intent in 5…4…3…2…1


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