Wow! Nancy Pelosi went overboard today when during her press conference she wondered why there aren’t uprising all over the country about immigration.

She began by claiming that evangelicals are all for open borders and for not separating families of illegals. She is forgetting that President Trump is just enforcing immigration laws that are already on the books. The laws just hadn’t been enforced.

Separating families that break our federal law by crossing our border isn’t America’s fault but the fault of parents who would bring their children across the border in the first place. Whose fault is it that they are in this situation? NOT Americas!

Listen to Pelosi use extreme rhetoric to try and claim the policy in place is a reason people should be protesting:

The left and the Deep State RINOs are pushing hard for amnesty of millions of illegals…PLEASE CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE OVER AND OVER to hammer home the message that Americans do not want this amnesty!

This comes as a U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner just came out with this: ‘Help Americans first before immigrants’


A key U.S. civil rights official, armed with data that cheap legal and illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from American-born minorities, is calling on Congress to take a hard line stance in its developing immigration policy that gives priority to Americans workers.

Believing he has an allies in President Trump and top White House advisor Stephen Miller, Peter N. Kirsanow, a commissioner on the United States Commission on Civil Rights, said, “Government policy should be formulated around that concept: Benefit Americans first before you start to benefit foreigners.”

In an interview with Secrets, the sole Republican on the eight person commission, added, “We should be looking at what helps Americans first.”


Kirsanow expressed dismay that while the president has a solid immigration blueprint based on his promise to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall, congressional Republicans are unfocused and some have endorsed business demands for more and cheaper imported labor.

“I think this president is by far the strongest president that we’ve ever had from a pro-American immigration policy standpoint,” he said. “We’re getting more from this president than we could ever expect to get,” he added.

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