The video below is the most ridiculous thing you’ll see this year. Our politicians have crossed the line from being lawmakers to newsmakers. Watch Pelosi pander as she waves her hands around to claim that she worries what kids in the hood will think about Russian collusion…WTH?

Nancy Pelosi made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night to bask in the glow of what she perceives as the coming impeachment of President Trump. Pelosi has been going back and forth about impeachment. During the interview, Kimmel begged her to do it. Pelosi claimed Trump wants to be impeached because he’ll be saved by the Senate.

Pelosi is going out on the nightly shows to try and flip the public sentiment about impeaching Trump. Right now, the sentiment isn’t there. In fact, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler claimed today during an interview that “there certainly is” justification to impeach President Trump but they need public support.

The entire video of the interview is below, but this has to be the highlight from the hot mess that is Pelosi:

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Kimmel claims we haven’t seen the Mueller Report!

Does he know that all but 2% of the entire report was released?

Entire interview:


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