Nancy Pelosi pushes Representative Flores’s young daughter

Nancy Pelosi, lacking all decorum, uses her elbow to shove Representative Flores’s young daughter during the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected Representative from Texas.

The video below, starting at 55 seconds, shows her using her elbow to push Rep. Flores’s little daughter away from her.

Pelosi is particularly spiteful and appears to be taking out her frustration on Congresswoman Flores’s historic victory on the young girl.

Here is another video that slowed down to better show the pushL

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Congresswoman Flores’s victory and swearing-in are historic moments in several ways. First, she is the first Republican to win her deep-blue South Texas District in over a century. Second, she is the first Mexican-born woman to be sworn into Congress. You would think that a “progressive” Democrat such as Nancy Pelosi would be pleased by Flores’s shattering of this ceiling. However, the spite and malice within Pelosi are enough not only to overpower any fake joy she could muster but to take it out on a young girl who has done nothing to her.

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