Nancy Sinatra sent out an absolutely vile tweet today, that suggested 5 million NRA members should be killed by a firing squad. The tweet didn’t mention the Las Vegas massacre, but the timing of her tweet seems to be in line with the 100’s of celebrities who are using this horrific massacre as an opportunity to push gun-control in America. Here is a screenshot of the tweet she sent out on Twitter today. Sinatra has since removed her disgusting tweet, but the screenshot of her horrific suggestion is here to stay.

Another day, another liberal entertainer wishing harm, or in the case of Nancy Sinatra, death on millions of Americans. When do American citizens, who are sick and tired of being abused, berated, and slapped around by celebrities who have no respect our God-given rights, stop supporting their industry? When will we cut the cord, and turn off the NFL, and turn off shows like “Will and Grace” who admittedly are making a return to TV so they can promote an anti-Trump message to their viewers? When will Americans find something better to do with their time than watching a TV show or movie featuring an actor or actress who boldly stands against our First and Second Amendment Rights, and regularly spews hate against our President because he bravely defends those inalienable rights?

If you want to see a man who faces a “firing squad” each and every day, while celebrities sit comfortably in their Malibu mansions, acting as keyboard warriors for the left, attacking him and anyone who supports him,  you don’t have to look too far:

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Celebrity Sheryl Crow joined the hate fest against gun owners and called out politicians who support our Second Amendment Right by saying: “Any politician who takes money from the NRA has blood on their hands.” Really?  Politicians, who support an organization who does so much to promote safe and responsible gun ownership, have “blood on their hands”?

Our friend, Marie Tweets had a brilliant response to Sheryl Crow’s tweet:

Here is our reply to Nancy Sinatra’s tweet:

Here are a few great replies to Nancy’s follow up tweet, where she used a Nelson Mandela quote in an attempt to make her look like a victim (after she deleted a tweet calling for the murder of 5 million Americans):

Deplorable Vol. 4 tweeted a great quote from the great quote from former NRA president, Charlton Heston, in response to Sinatra’s tweet:

And finally, a direct response to Sinatra using a person who many people believe to be one of the most violent leaders of a social justice movement:

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