Two gun companies are fighting back after NASCAR refused their ads saying there has been a “gradual shift on guns.”

“We just heard back from NASCAR on a number of gun related ads and unfortunately due to a gradual shift in their position on guns, these ads must be edited/changed– especially those that are depicted as assault style rifles/sniper rifles.” – Sunny Berlin, art director for National Event Publications

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Dark Storm Industries and K-Var submitted ads that were both rejected by NASCAR:

Dark Storm Industries said an ad it submitted featuring one of the company’s AR-15s was rejected and online retailer K-Var Corp. said an ad featuring an AK-47 and 9mm handgun was also rejected. Both said a NASCAR advertising agency solicited ads from them for NASCAR publications. They submitted ads but were told NASCAR would not accept them.

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“NASCAR decided to turn their back on their customer base, joining the likes of Yeti, Dick’s and Under Armour,” Dark Storm wrote in an Instagram post. “We were approached by a NASCAR publication eager to earn our business, but after submitting our ad it was immediately rejected, stating that we cannot depict ‘assault weapons.'”

NASCAR should hear from pro-gun Americans on this!


Email: [email protected]


“Go ahead NASCAR, try to fill the stands with a bunch of David Hogg, Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, urban, progressive, skinny jean wearing, soy sipping, man-bun wearing, Antifa loving, gun-hating socialists,” Walters wrote. “I won’t be around to see how that turns out for you.” -RADIO HOST AND NASCAR FAN MARK WALTERS


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