The double standard that exists within politics and entertainment has gotten out of hand.

For years, the left has rallied behind people who lie and commit hoaxes in the name of “racial justice.”

They rallied behind Jussie Smollett and NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace.

When both were proven to be frauds, the left doubled down on the lies.

In the case of Bubba Wallace, everyone simply moved on.


That doesn’t appear to be the case for NASCAR driver Noah Gragson, who had the audacity to like a George Floyd meme.

Was the meme tasteless?

Perhaps, but a suspension seems like just the kind of overreaction we have come to expect from an organization that has been overrun with woke politics.

Here’s more on this story from the Post Millennial:

NASCAR driver Noah Gragson has been suspended indefinitely by his team for liking a meme mocking George Floyd.

Gragson later said after the blowback from the incident, “I am disappointed in myself for my lack of attention and actions on social media.”

The meme of Floyd is his face on the crab from Little Mermaid, with a caption saying, “Under da knee,” connecting to the song, “Under the Sea.”

NASCAR wasted no time in suspending Gragson:

While everyone is up in arms over Gragson liking a meme, others are sick of the double standard that continues to plague the sports world and every other form of entertainment in the last several years.

For his part, it appears Gragson has already made the mistake of apologizing to the woke mob.

As we already know, this decision will not serve him well:

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